General Industrial Applications


The industrial marketplace demands many types of considerations and special applications for today’s custom fabricator and GCS can meet those needs. GCS will assist the customer's engineering department to produce systems ranging from simple product injection to complex automated Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with touch screen Human-Machine Interface (HMI) for each application.

Global Chem-feed Solutions has experience in various industrial applications where glues, solvents and binders must be injected into a manufacturing process. Filtration and separation of effluent can be achieved utilizing long chain polymers and clarifier systems to refine the chemical process or finished product. GCS can provide complete sanitary pump systems for food grade applications to meet FDA material requirements and regulations.

Binding agents, Polymers, Grinding Aids as well as Pharmaceutical and Food Additives can be accurately delivered into the process requirement specified by the customer. GCS works with each client and can discuss all available options and parameters to develop a cost effective solution to difficult applications. Many systems developed involved proprietary solutions for environmental concerns including reduction of pollutants in Fossil Fuel Plants. Each project is approached with the determination to provide the best equipment for each customer.