Fossil Fuel Power Generation

An Experienced Vendor in Gas, Oil, and Coal Fired Power Generation

GCS personnell have successfully completed hundreds of fossil power plant projects over the years, both domesically and abroad. Whether coal fired, oil fired, gas fired, or IGCC, GCS personnell can engineer chemical feed systems to meet your detailed technical specifications.


Let Global Chem-feed be Your Partner in Solar and Biomass Energy Production

Chemical dosing systems for renewable based electricity generation such as waste to energy, biomass and solar approach (based on hot water/steam generation) all require injection of chemicals to minimize corrosion and scale deposits, as well as to maximize efficiency. Chemicals are fed to optimize water re-use, which in turn conserves energy and minimizes plant environmental impact.

Nuclear Power Generation

Certifications, Quality, & Testing Experience for Nuclear Energy

Global Chem-feed Solutions is the successful supplier of cooling tower chemical dosing systems for the first two USA Nuclear Plants to be built in the past 30 years. GCS worked with the client engineering firm to insure compliance with safety and the use of fiber optics for security requirements. GCS contribution included coordination of chemical water treatment program involving PLC control and communication with the plant DCS.